Thursday, August 19, 2004

Radio with Replay in the UK

The Bug Radio

Pure Digital has come out with a DAB radio called "The Bug". I picked one up at the Birmingham radio show and have been playing with it in the Netherlands. Turns out the DAB ensemble in the Netherlands is really disappointing - just the public networks 1-5, plus the Concertchannel. The data stream is simply the same RDS data being sent out on FM. No-one is spending any money on this roll-out.

But the Bug has some internal memory which allows you to store and rewind content. Miss an item on the news, just rewind the buffer to hear it again. A station broadcasting at 128kbps will give you about 5 minutes of pause/rewind time before the buffer is full.

The radios are made in China at the same factory that produces the legendary Tivoli radios. Radio is good - speakers could be a tad better for the price.

Tivoli Audio Model One

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