Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Painting & Thinking

I've spent the last three days up ladders painting the outside of the house. It would take a morning - if only you didn't have to sand and clean the surfaces...and because I am changing the colour scheme I have to get the old stuff off first. The Black and Decker sander turned out to be a bad buy - worked fine until this morning when the sandpaper holder decided to split in two. Our local DIY store didn't have this most obvious of spare parts - will take 2 weeks to order. So you have an entire wall of different grades of sandpaper, but not the tool spares. Logical thinking guys...

Most of its done now - and the rain is pouring down again, so couldn't be out there if I wanted to. Don't mind painting with the radio on, listening to comedy or news shows. You are constant reminded that this is August and there isn't a lot of news to report. Amazing that they all the news of the day fits into exactly 5 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Typical DC summer, but cooler with lots of rain.
What no Lowes or Home Depots? Wait til that battle hits your part of the world.
More Microsoft SP 2 for XP has holes. Why can't these folks write secure code.