Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Ally Pally

Ally Pally from the air on a day when it wasn't raining
Great news that Alexandra Palace near London may be re-developed as a campus for the UK broadcast industry. I wonder if BBC has plans to sell off Wood Norton where it currently does most of its training? Perhaps that has something to do with the sell of BBC Technology to Siemens. The proposal - bringing the industry and the public together on one site - is the result of a feasibility study commissioned by the Alexandra Palace Charitable Trust and the BBC's Heritage Department.

What happens to Wood Norton now - a BBC property with 45 hotel rooms?

At the moment it still seems to be an idea - a consultation period will now begin to identify potential investors and third parties interested in working in partnership to realize the proposal.

The BBC's connection with Alexandra Palace dates back to 1935 when Corporation engineers first leased part of the site to trial the EMI-Marconi and Logie Baird television systems. And wasn't there a fire there at the launch of BBC 2 in the 60's?

You can get a hell of a lot of students in here. Good for rallies, I guess!

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