Tuesday, December 31, 2019

MN.19.01.1995. Bells Cherry Ripe

. Chris Greenway reports that jamming under Vatican Radio is actually aimed at an Iraqi clandestine. There’s a station called Iraqi Army Radio. We follow up on the Cherry Ripe Numbers Station. A listener recognised the music and played the melody over the phone. (It was later traced to a site in Australia). A Czech listener shares some thoughts on cryptography.  AWR announces plans for a facility in Paraguay, Latin America. WRN has a new audio service from London. There is a discussion about the existing RN lunchtime broadcast. We played the Radio Morania spoof. Our Big Bells Contest means you have to identify 5 bells all played at once. We look at India’s investment in new shortwave transmitters. AIR is making more use of 13732 kHz. The EDXC conference will be held in Denmark this year. Victor Goonetilleke reports on programmes from the Philippines aimed at their nationals in the Middle East. He reports that the modulation is poor on many of these stations.  

This episode is hosted on the Media Network vintage vault

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