Friday, November 29, 2013

Worn Wear - Stories of things that lasted.

Watching the nonsense of queues around Black Friday in the US. Why it is was great to discover the stories in the new film from clothing manufacturer Patagonia. Originally blacksmiths they make outdoor clothing designed to last. This film traces what happened to clothes that have been handed down. Beautifully filmed. And food for thought.

It is also interesting in light of the discussion about the difference between stories and narratives in the John Hagel entry below. Note how the music in this film gently fades away - there is no closure because the clothes have not come to the end of their lifecycle. It's a snapshot of some fantastic journeys which are not yet over.

When you have children, everything you have is theirs. But nothing they have is yours! Great line from this film, which I see has reached 100,000 people within a week.

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