Sunday, November 24, 2013

What are all these Media Network programmes doing here?

There are very grey skies outside my window at the moment. And to think that the habour of Huizen was looking like this at start of last month. Ah well, time to process a lot of material captured when there was sun outside and sort out a number of hard disks that have been screaming for attention. I'm putting the final touches to the Media Network collection of radio programmes that traced broadcast and technology developments from 1980 - 2000. There are over 250 radio shows of 30 minutes in length sitting here. In the course of backing up some programmes, I discovered several dozen still waiting in a queue to be uploaded.

What is the value in these programmes?

I use them to check the rate of change in the broadcast industry and related media fields. I discover that we were talking about social media and actually using the web to collaborate long before Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube came along. But the fact that Google and Bing are indexing all this stuff makes it so much easier to find what I am looking for. I am disappointed that many people don't see the value of archives until it is often too late - they are destroyed or taken off line because of poor promotion - or there is no link made between the past and the present. Knowing how these programmes were made (low budget, high passion, and low fidelity transmission methods (shortwave radio) it is great to be able to listen back on demand. And several thousand people seem to agree with me.

Here are 10 shows which went up today. No order. And that's the fun of it. It's time travel.

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