Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hilversum Meltdown

Is it just me, or has the local bus company serving the area outside Amsterdam just bought a fleet of ice-cream trucks to ferry around the passengers? It certainly seems to be reminiscent of the vans that used to come round the housing estate back in the UK. These are fitted out with an engine which seems to be slightly too small for the size of the chassis, so it squeals along even though there are no hills at all in Hilversum.
Connexion, the bus company, seems to have made some strange choices for its signage system. They have spent a fortune putting up new LED signage which can only display text, and although these have been up for a couple of months now, they still aren't working.
Meanwhile the screens in the buses must have been bought at a discount store because they are frequently burned out, or in this case, they display the schedule of another bus. Hope we're not financing this fiasco. Er, I'm afraid we are.

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