Monday, February 27, 2012

EBU Radio - Progress I don't Understand

I note the EBU has made a video showing what was achieved during last week's RadioHack. Not sure why they have not made it shareable. But the link seems to be public. Update : EBU tells me the same video is also on Youtube and that version is embeddable.  I will add it at the bottom of the post.

Although I see progress especially from RadioDNS and Android Hacks, I do feel the other radio engineers need to be talking to creative programme makers to ensure that interactive programme formats can be developed that create a demand for these hybrid radios. I believe the offer has to be a lot more than opinion polls as mentioned in the EBU video. If they wait until after the manufacturers come up with radios, it could be too late to make an impact. Reminds me of AM stereo if they are not careful, especially now that Spotify are starting to do all you can eat (within reason) deals with the mobile operators.

This was the video I made on the EBU stand in September 2010

And this is the YouTube version of the EBU video I mentioned above. Thanks to EBU for the link.


MC EBU said...

Dear Jonathan,

This video has always been public and is also on Youtube: There's also Facebook community page:

Radiohack is a public event opened to all including content makers. the primary objective is to connect industry, developpers and engineers on new developments.
All tools are open source and can be used by any radio or content maker, EBU radio tools for example are published:

Apart from that, content cases are also done together with Radio, example:

What is needed, is more creative content people to get involved.

Jonathan Marks said...

So will EBU build a conversation channel to get this dialogue going? Desperately needed.