Saturday, August 06, 2011

CN Broadcasting - The Onion for Tech? FAIL

I started to get a most peculiar Newsletter from a company called China Broadcasting which claims to be my gateway into Chinese media. It's mainly reporting about telecoms and broadcast equipment, so I believe they got my name from the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam. I think someone is trying to see whether they can made a trade magazine by using translation robots. Er, no you can't. May be they are trying the make the Onion out of tech news? I don't think that's the plan.

I just love some of the articles they come up with.

This example from June is a classic still on line, where we get a completely incomprehensible article.

"And whole the intersection of solution and provider, billows get up science and technology merge development of industry, have very deep understanding to the intersection of chip and technical autonomous innovation with the intersection of ground and broadcast and three network."

I can't imagine the original article in Mandarin was of much use.

I'd given up on them until another Newsletter arrived today. I was struck by the illustration of China Broadcasting Corporation article with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's exploding pizza logo. Had a Chinese company stolen the logo? Clicking through all the links in the Newsletter actually took me to different unrelated fail on content. And a quick use of the "untrustworthy" Google search engine, shows me that China Broadcasting Corporation doesn't use the CBC logo above, or anything resembling it. 

So, if this is the standard of their articles, imagine what they could do with your advertisement. Obviously a publication to avoid.

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