Saturday, September 11, 2010

IBC 2010 Parking Nightmare

Words fail me. Amsterdam hosts the largest broadcast exhibition in Europe and can't be bothered to put traffic cops on the A10 exits. Since no-one in Holland has heard of a box-junction (don't enter unless your exit is clear), the result is a 30 minute chaotic wait to enter a car-park. Makes driving in Southern Europe look like paradise. Of course, they won't do anything until someone gets killed. RAI puts traffic people on their own property who stand around and smoke with apparently nothing to do, while it is sheer bedlum 200 metres away. Crazy. RAI is getting arrogant again.

Now we know that the North-South metro line that was started in 2003 won't be ready until 2017 at the earliest, Amsterdam needs to get its act together in the meantime.

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