Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Data Dependant Journalism - Churnalism Grows

One of the themes at Lift-Fing, the French innovation conference this year in Marseilles was public data. They examined how some cities like Rennes and Helsinki seem to be pulling ahead in their use of open data and crowd sourcing for the benefit of citizens - and to cut costs by breaking down government silos.

This segment recorded during the conference is a sort of executive summary of the conclusions from the speakers.

  • Michael Cross : one of the founders of the Free Data campaign for public access in the UK.
  • Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University. Anders has done a lot of work into the reliability of the "wisdom of the crowds".
  • Jarmo Eskelinen runs the Forum Virium Helsinki, doing some brilliant coordination work up there in the North.

This video was made as a briefing to those interested in the open data movement, so goes into a lot more detail than if it were made for a general audience. I recommend watching the presentations as they become available here.

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