Thursday, April 22, 2010

More discoveries in the Vintage Vaults

More clips from the tour I got from Wolf Harranth at the world's largest documentation archive for radio. This part will definitely interest anyone who remembers or collected broadcast station QSL cards. When I was there in September last year, Wolf Harranth gave me the grand tour of the world's largest collection of radio related documents, both from the broadcast and amateur radio world. In fact the millions of QSL cards, magazines, books and unique government records tell the story of communication across international borders. They rely on help from volunteers and donations and I hope that this second video will help to explain why they are so passionate about preserving the golden age of international radio. They are looking for people who can help them build more pages in English - the German language pages are already very extensive.

I worked closely with Wolf Harranth, the German media editor at the ORF, when I was host and presenter of Media Network on Radio Netherlands. We swapped transmission tapes and I am glad we both had the foresight to keep a lot of radio history others have subsequently thrown away. There is more information in both English and German at http:// Vimeo limits the size of files, so I have split this first draft into two parts. This second episode goes into a lot more detail because I know many others shared the memories that Wolf describes. Enjoy!

More discoveries in the radio vaults in Vienna from Jonathan Marks on Vimeo.

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partha sarathi goswami said...

I was highly motivated by few peoples works, some of them are you, Victor Goonetilleke, Paul Ormandy, Adrian Peterson, Glen Hauser and obviously Wolf Harranth. Works of these people always inspired me and grown my interest in DXing and world of media. I remeber after the death of Arthur Cushen you produced 2 editions of Media Network dedicated on his life and works, It moved me a lot. I would like to request if possible please give the mp3 files of those editions. Those are really mesmarising.

And how about some programs with Diana and the review of NRD 535 or Sony rxs - will be fantastic to listen!

Partha Sarathi