Monday, April 12, 2010

Media Network Tribute to Radio New York Worldwide

In August 1992, Lou Josephs took me in his car to a poison-ivy infested ruin on a hill over looking the Atlantic Ocean. It was from this point in Scituate, Massachussets that WRUL, WNYW and WYFR broadcast programmes for several decades. Lou was working then for WROR in Boston, but in earlier years he had a Saturday job working in the New York City offices of WNYW. Luckily he also owned one of the first cassette recorders (so new they didn't know how to pronounce it on Dxing Worldwide). I always thought that at its peak in the late 60's the station radiated remarkable energy. Perhaps it was because distance still had magic. More recollections from Lou are still floating around the Interwebs. Check this link.

Thanks to Jim Cutler for the photo of the old WNYW site. The Media Network podcast from August 1992 on WNYW is up, and I see that 186 people downloaded in the first two hours. Most download it from the website, with iTunes coming a close second. If you like this stuff, please share it with friends!

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lou josephs said...

Some followup:
1. My boss Irwin Belofsky appears to have died in the Philippines where he was working and living outside of Manila..
2. Roy Whitfield works with Jim Cutler doing v/o work at WPIX TV in New York City.
3. Ken Lamb has retired from ABC TV.
where he had been doing mid day voice work between soap operas.
4. Les Marshak has his own website with his greatest can find it here.
The audio is flash format. You will find some WRUL and NYW stuff in that radio package.
You can also hear what Les is doing on NBC Universal TV About three weeks ago he was the voice over person on the WWE event on USA Networks..He also did this years oscar pre show on ABC TV..and he's the regular voice for all versions of NBC's today show.
Mike Marion was working as an attorney for Phillips he was the production guy who did the "calling" IS that ran for 15 mins before the transmitters s/on at 1600 UTC,
Mitch Lebe was laid off from WBBR, the Bloomberg radio all news station in NYC and has not turned up on any station yet.
Larry Yount has retired..
Do a google earth street view of 545 Hatherly Road and you'll see whats happened to the transmitter building. has a podcast..and when I get a tape recorder that can handle reel to reel you'll get lots more..