Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Twice as Fast, Half the Price, Poor Video, No Radio

OK, I was wrong. I was expecting Apple to come out with a 3G phone that made more use of the camera and video features (so we could edit short movies in Final Cut Pro or post them live to Qik. But 2 Megapixel camera is nothing to boast about, so I won't be ditching the Nokia N95 just yet, even if it is a little slower as per the Job's demo on Monday. I am experimenting with 3G phones for reporting from the field...don't see a voice-recording function either in the specs which I had been hoping for. The old iPod had a great device called iTalk from Griffin which worked perfectly, albeit a little clumsy. Now there is no reason it could not be built-in.

If there is a roll-out in Africa ( mainly Francophone by the look of the map) its a shame there is no built-in FM radio. That would have cost pennies.

I suppose, in order to meet the "10 million phones sold by the end of the year" promise, Steve halved the price rather than trying to build features of interest to a vocal but select few. But those missing elements are the clincher for me. The phone has no flash, or video recording. Still no MMS? Mobile operators out there must be in tears.

This phone probably is the kiss of death for Motorola though. They have nothing remotely like this in the same price category.

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Anonymous said...

Well, there is the 'Installer' you may download and that opens the way to a lot of interesting handy applications for the iPhone, including a voice recorder, a video recorder etc. But yes 2 Mpixels is not much.....
Greetings from Frits 'iPhonic' Tor.