Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blessed My Soul!

Now that's fast. Watched the actor Brian Blessed hosting "Have I Got News for You" on BBC 1 last night. He was brilliant - my God what a voice and quick fire wit. Immediately afterwards I checked the web to find out a bit more on what he's up to these days and came across his Wikipedia entry. To my surprise, his hosting of that episode was already part of the Wikipedia entry. Must have made the same impact on someone else too. Will definitely record the extended repeat at 22:00 - 22:40 (UK time) on BBC-2 tonight.


Unknown said...

Boris Johnson is still my first favourite Guest Chairman but Brian Blessed is now a very close second.

Alas I assume we will no longer see Boris now he has other things on his mind, so I hope Brian returns soon.

Watch the BBC 2 version: Have I Got a Bit More News for you, its much better.

Jonathan Marks said...

Hi William. You're right, the longer version is funnier. It must have been an editing nightmare. I also hope they ask him back. They'll probably need a new set of microphones too - when he bellows the lapel mikes go into total distortion.