Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Great Google Insights

I cannot understand why Powerpoint has not improved over the years. Integration with video clips is still a nightmare and you can tell if someone is using Keynote on a Mac instead. Today, at Web 2.0 in San Francisco, John Battelle , who has authored books on Google, interviewed the CEO, Eric Schmidt in a keynote conversation. Eric is prompted to talk about the acquisition of Double-Click and the on-line office suite to rival Microsoft. It includes an announcement that Google is working on adding presentation-sharing capabilities to Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Eric has a goofy way of announcing the product too.

Update: Paul Van Veenendaal of the excellent Dutch site Marketingfacts has been digging further on the official Google channel in Youtube. He found vintage talks by Eric at the Economic Club of Chicago (64 minutes; 6 April 2006), also at the SIEPR Economic Summit 2006 (37 minutes; 3 March 2006), Conde Nast's Portfolio business magazine (25 minutes; 15 June 2006) and at the US National Venture Capital Association (61 minutes; 26 April 2006).

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