Sunday, April 22, 2007

France 24 elections

I like the options to see what's going on in the gallery or even in make-up at France 24.


BRE said...

Thanks Jonathan for your visit to Jewels in the Jungle re: the Nigerian elections post. Also, thanks for this "Heads Up" on France 24 and their coverage of the French presidential elections. I've seen some ads for the new France 24 network but have not had a chance to visit the site yet. I'll have a closer look at Fance 24 today.

Did you checkout the 3 French bloggers (including the infamous Loic Le Muir) on CNN's France election coverage last night? The blog authors were very well informed and quite layed back on the air while CNN's anchor Hola Gorani seemed like she didn't know how to address them, as fellow journalist colleagues or as Martians. CNN has a lot to learn yet when it comes to dealing with a fast growing sector of their global constituency (informed viewers who talk back).

Jonathan Marks said...

Yes, I agree. Reminds me of the Jon Stewart take-off of CNN and blogs. And CNN International is a shadow of its former self - resources have been drained in favour of their domestic service which is trying to compete with Fox.