Sunday, November 24, 2013

MN.23.07.1987.Spycatcher - The James Bond Gadget Analysis

This "clandestine" editon of Media Network checked the media accuracy of the gadgets in the James Bond Film, the Living Daylights. We found quite a number of mistakes. But then, James Bond is fiction guys!.
Danish Radio decided to broadcast extracts from the book Spycatcher by Peter Wright. The book had been banned in the UK. Wright died a millionaire in 1995 after selling 2 million copies so it was clearly a good publicity move to have the book censored. Reminds me of the recent revelations about the NSA.
WHRI is testing to Europe, but not announcing the frequencies they are transmitting on.
The good ship Sarah is being prosecuted for transmitting from ship off the US coast. Wim van Amstel explains the radio regulations. Dorothy Weirs has a story about a clandestine station in San Salvador.

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