Saturday, September 04, 2010

IFA2010 The Total Philips Stand Tour

Philips flounders on with some useful products (like the headphones) but uncoordinated marketing. It would appear that they don't trust the couple of thousand tech reporters wandering around Berlin's IFA fair at the moment and so decided to make their own stand tour. This piece can't decide whether it is a piece of television news or a sales presentation to shop owners. The opening text is classic PR and I creased up when the airfryer demo guy does a "Hi Derek" at 1'56. Looking at the viewing figures, this YouTube channel must have some of the highest costs per viewer on the planet.

Philips haven't learned from Apple keynotes, in that when you announce something new like Airfryer at the world's largest consumer fair, it is a good idea that your online store has heard about it and has some clue as to a delivery date (pre-orders?). About time they shortened their company tag line to Simplicity. I always hear people confuse their current one with Sense and Sensibility. Sense doesn't make much sense any more.

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