Friday, April 23, 2010

Boom goes AM Radio

AM Radio is booming. Booming in the sense that more and more AM (medium and shortwave) transmitter sites are being dismantled across Europe. Curtain antennas at one of the large shortwave sites in Germany (Juelich) are being taken down. Meanwhile, the mast of one of Austria's most famous mediumwave stations just north of Vienna was dismantled in the more usual way. A controlled explosion. There are more than a dozen videos on Youtube. This one seems to be the highest quality. Interesting that people applaud when it is over. Everyone likes a firework display. But I think some engineers would rather burst into tears! Thanks to Eniak for sharing the Juelich photos and to Kai Ludwig for spotting them. I am also reposting the RFE/RL antenna explosions in March 2006.

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