Thursday, January 19, 2006

Media Network Podcast?

This year it will be 25 years since Radio Netherlands launched the name "Media Network" , a tech-media show to replace "DX Juke Box". The audio version ran on the radio for nearly 20 years, ending in October 2000. The web version started around 10 years ago and still exists as an important broadcasting news source.

I am no longer with Radio Netherlands. But I have been talking to the current editor Andy Sennitt whether this some way we should celebrate the 25th. We've been following the success of This Week in Tech, which rose from the ashes of Tech TV. Perhaps there is an interest in starting a "Media Network" style podcast, with more of a European perspective on things. It could either be a one-off (connected with the 25th) or a series.

Interested either in taking part or listening in? You can help us by leaving comments or dropping me an e-mail. See the company switchboard for details
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