Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Innovation Platform Event


On Wednesday morning, I joined 2000 people in a former factory on the outskirts of Utrecht. The Dutch Innovation Platform had organised an event designed to show how Holland is blossoming as an innovative centre again. The purpose was clearly not to convince any foreign investors (it was all in Dutch). I wonder how effective it all was. It may have looked "cool" and innovative to hold it in this factory, but the acoustics were terrible and the technica facilities only so-so. Presenters had to shout to make themselves heard since the presentation areas were open and (non-interested) public was milling around within metres of the presentation space.

Stand holders I spoke to complained that the organisation left a lot to be desired. Perhaps they should have farmed it out to the private sector? No, not perhaps...they should have hired different set of professionals. Posted by Picasa
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