Monday, January 04, 2021

MN.29.01.1998 MW Steve Whitt

During the lifetime of Series One, we had a great relationship with Steve Whitt of the UK’s Mediumwave Circle. They were kind enough to host our receiver reviews when the radio show ended. And they are still there. (If you think we should archive those reviews and other DX Publications, please tell us at In this programme, at the end of a cold, dark January, it was an excellent time to return to the topic of long-distance AM (Mediumwave) reception. Steve reported some strange conditions in the UK, normally only possible for listeners much further North in Finland and Norway. Even in 1998, some stations were closing down. But things were starting to go full circle. And there was excitement around the expanded band with stations like WJDM on 1660 (later WWRL), WCMQ on 1700 kHz. There is plenty more coming about mediumwave – check out the goodbye to BBC 648 which we posted on YouTube 10 years ago. The programme also deals with the failure of Asiasat 3, with expert commentary from Bob Cooper.

This episode is hosted on the Media Network vintage vault

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