Thursday, December 24, 2020

MN.25.01.1996 Carleton Vobbe

I was delighted to discover in December 2020 that Neil Carleton of  Almonte, Ontario, Canada remembers us. We remember him. We originally got in touch with him because of his fascination for stamps connected with radio and his spot on HCJB, Quito. He must have owned the world's more comprehensive collection. But he also used shortwave radio for teaching. Here are some links to his more recent work.

RADIO IN THE CLASSROOM    Making connections across the curriculum with shortwave listening and amateur radio was a grand adventure each year during my teaching career.  Early one morning nine students, one each from kindergarten to grade 8, had their questions about space answered by the Commander of the International Space Station as the crew passed high overhead in orbit.
COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER    During my retirement years I've enjoyed volunteering with a variety of community organizations.  Creative pursuits and amateur radio have also been special interests.
We also talked to Fred Vobbe of the US National Radio Club in more detail about AM DXing in the winter months. And Lou Josephs has been reviewing the new book from "shock jock" Howard Stern. 

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