Friday, March 21, 2014

Radio Caroline for one last time

In March 2014, it will be exactly 50 years ago that Radio Caroline started its transmissions from the MV Fredericia off the British coast. It is also 40 years ago since the most prominent watery wireless stations off the Dutch coast, Radio Veronica and Radio Nordzee International, had to close down. On Saturday 22nd March 2014, offshore radio history will be celebrated in Amsterdam perhaps for the last time. Interested? Just turn up from 10 am onwards. The hotel is near the Amsterdam Amstel Railway Station and commercial broadcaster BNR. (Note that earlier publicity said March 29th, but the date really is the 22nd).

The last meeting was in 2012 and also featured Radio Caroline. Half of the video reportage is in Dutch (because it dealt with REM Island) and the second half as from 16'22 is in English.

Made several documentaries about these stations in the past, many of which are still on line. Here's a selection of some of the better ones.

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