Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pitching to an audience worth 10 billion - FAQs

I'm currently heavily involved in selecting high-tech startup teams for a brand new accelerator program in Eindhoven, in the deep South of the Netherlands. Open Pitch days have started in earnest. And as well as getting the chance to speak with young companies developing awesome hardware, we're also getting questions. ( It reminds me of today's Vimeo staff pick, which is genius in itself)

But I digress.

Bart Lugard is the head of team selection at HightechXL, and in this update which we shot he explains about the work so far and what's happening in Athens on September 12th.

Follow the Money

And then of course, the teams often want to know about money. After all in hardware, the sums are substantially more than with web/tablet app development. Teams are typically looking for Euro 500.000 to 2 million on Demo Day. We put this short trailer together to explain why the mentors we're involving also have access to substantial funds. How about pitching to an audience that represents 10 billion Euro. Now that's a real challenge!

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