Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Curious branding: EeenVandaag

Posted by Picasa I wonder how many people know that this is a TV current affairs programme produced by Dutch public broadcasters AVRO and TROS? If you live in the Netherlands, you and I are directly financing what they do out of direct taxation. The climate in the Netherlands at the moment seems to be very against public service broadcasting. May be that's the reason the outside broadcast van makes no mention of public broadcasting. EenVandaag is the product. Not the network. Not the production house. Not the audience. In the crowded world of brands, this makes them very vulnerable (especially since they started as Tweevandaag when they were on the 2nd Dutch national TV channel. The website is interesting. In Dutch, it's polished, it's finished and so doesn't really invite you to interact. You're invited to watch others perform. I'm not sure what they are trying to do with the page in English, entitled Instructions for the Website. Who is the audience for that?

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