Saturday, March 19, 2011

Media Network FlashBack to Isle of Man

It seems hard to believe that it's 16 years since Paul Rusling first had an idea for a longwave radio station from the Isle of Man. It was to be "Atlantic 252 for grown-ups". Just found the programme in which he explains the dream (still a dream I guess) and we also talked to Manx Radio for their reaction. Also in this vintage radio programme from the archives, Wolf Harranth reports on plans to revive a radio station in Lichtenstein. Also in the show...

In other news here in Holland the PTT, Quote Media and the De Telegraaf newspaper have launched internet access for the general public. You pay 20 dollars a month for 6 hrs access. Meanwhile in London the BBC is in talks with Compuserve with the view to providing news and information to customers of this American online news provider. 

This week European Digital Radio changed its name to Radio E, ready for a test DAB launch in late August. Thats a group of stations including the BBC, RFI, Deutsche Welle and Radio Netherlands. Does this mean there’s a trend away from individual international broadcasters. You see smaller stations clubbing together and larger ones starting to talk more and more about their own region. There is always a danger than when public money is tight policy makers simply want to broadcast news about their own country, saying that regional news from other parts of the world is too costly to collect. It was a point that our correspondent Victor Goonetilleke raised at the EDXC conference a few weeks back.

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