Sunday, August 08, 2010

Radio Caroline Remembered - Again

After a mini season on Forces Radio and Germany, August seems to be the month when we looked at off-shore radio. I've found an episode on Radio New York International, which is coming up. But this edition was crafted together with a big contribution from Nic Newman, at that time working for Radio Netherlands before going on to do great things at the BBC's Interactive Departments. He went out to the ship on one of the boats - pretty brave since we had some pretty dreadful storms in the summer of 1985. The show also looked at communications with the Space Shuttle and there are tuning tips from Arthur Cushen, Victor Goonetilleke and Sarath Weerakoon. I know that off-shore radio editions seem to score as some of the highest in the download figures, so let's see what this one does. Enjoy.

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