Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The 3G Doctor will see you now....

The 3G Doctor is ready to see you now... from Jonathan Marks on Vimeo.

I bumped into David Doherty at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In this extended interview, he explains a number of issues all connected with mobile health. He is actively busy with developing the 3G Doctor concept, but his blog is a mine of information on what he has found elsewhere in the world....and that's an enormous resource of ideas, concepts, projects and comments. I asked him to explain what problem he was trying to solve - and we then started discussing what strategies Google and the UN are adopting. Enjoy these highlights (its actually a avalanche of applications for mobile and health), and then head over to his blog.

David is also an active member of Forum Oxford...if you're interested in mobile you should sign up there too. www.forumoxford.com. See you there on the 24th.

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