Tuesday, February 03, 2009

NHK World Relaunch Disappointing

Oh dear, it looks like the NHK relaunch was limited to the TV network. The website remains a very distant second to the satellite network. BBC World News, CNN, and France 24 seem to be leading when it comes to web presence and true cross-media thinking. Al Jazeera is advanced when it comes to mobile and web 2.0 apps, but their English language website is very difficult to navigate, especially if you're looking for something by subject rather than by time.

NHK appears to be well behind in all of this - blaming copyright as the reason for not offering their premium service on the web. If it was 1999 I could understand, but ten years on it seems incredible that they haven't sorted it all out. Japan is a world leader when it comes to mobile technology and banking systems. So do they have a chance at being in the same league soon as BBC, CNN, as claimed at the relaunch. Definitely not, judging from this.

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Anonymous said...

Via jibtv.com you should be able to view at least a continuous live stream of NHK World. In theory. There is so much Microsoft technology and DRM involved that I did not manage to get it running.