Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Talking of reinventing a brand.... Telefunken used to be a brand of radios and transmitters in Germany. Then the name disappeared, but now its back. But what is it now? Ask the French company Sopeg, currently exhibiting at IFA in Berlin and they tell you Telefunken means a number of digital picture frames with screen diagonals ranging from 3.5 to a massive 32 inches, as well as the Magic Window system for simultaneously presenting four different images. Two picture formats are available, the 16 : 9 units also being suitable for playing back videos. It's like having a telly on the sideboard. There is an added twist for one frame which uses DECT technology to connect it to a cordless telephone. If the picture is properly tagged inside the 128 MB flash memory, then that picture will be displayed when the callers rings up... a sort of mega Caller ID. A similar frame with internet capability will be available in 2009.

Roman Hartrampf, Product Manager for the German distributor Intron Electronic has obtained the rights to the brand name Telefunken for the audiovisual sector and will be bringing a new range of ten to 15 audio devices on to the market in time for Christmas. Some of the prototypes, including a 2.1 Design Sound system, are already being exhibited at IFA.

Remember 2005, when Telefunken SenderSysteme Berlin AG changed its name to Transradio of SenderSysteme Berlin AG when it lost the right to use the name? I thought it was simply a translation of Telefunken into English, but they say the name "Transradio" can be traced back to before the year 1918.

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