Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Schiphol Slowdown - Grab & Curse?

Schiphol is getting less of a nice airport for the business traveller. The prices of parking at Amsterdam's international airport have gone up again, and although Privium parking has been increased, you pay a premium for being able to park close to the terminal. But what really annoys me is the increased arrogance of the concession stands, especially catering on the second floor of the D-wing. In order to keep staff to a minimum, they have to make the coffee and ring the till. There is no real incentive to speed up when there is a queue and you can be assured that when you want to catch a flight, there will be three people in front of you that want to pay with a credit-card or in Danish Kroner. The queues get longer and longer....it's crazy. These are not diamonds - it's just coffee. Keep off the tea - you queue for 10 minutes for a paper cup full of hot water and your choice of some tea-bag. The Dutch don't do milk in the tea and never resort to "coffee-milk", its like wartime evaporated milk - great for puddings, just plain HORRIBLE in tea.

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