Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Unwinding & Recharging

Gradually unwinding after being wedged into a tiny Air France seat between Cotonou and Paris on Sunday night. Actually the foot space was OK. It was the fact that the people infront reclined their seats for the whole flight that made it so uncomfortable to try and eat something and totally impossible to sleep.

Paris CDG airport is also an experience in itself. The distances between the terminals is so large that they bus you around, checking passports at almost every entrance. The handluggage screening process is woefully slow compared to Schiphol, so even though I had 2 hours between flights, I needed every second. You also need the time to allow your luggage to follow you on the same flight. Ten years ago I went to Benin for a few days and my luggage remained 3 days behind where I was. In short, avoid CDG if you can help it.

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