Sunday, April 09, 2006

You Tube & My Space

There is suddenly a lot of hype surrounding the success of short videos on You Tube and My, the latter bought by Murdoch for more than 500 million dollars last summer. My Space is a indeed a hang-out for youth, where parents are not welcome and where kids do all kinds of things, most of them forbidden in the real home no doubt. There are ways to involve that group with time on their hands, providing it helps them start conversations with their friends and helps them improve their social status within the group. If they can do something that others find cool, they might become a "local hero" within that vast on-line massa of 66 million.

Linear TV programme makers don't understand how to involve that group yet. It has to be more than just giving away funny clips from America's Funniest Home Movies, bloopers, pranks and parodies.

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lou josephs said...

My space has been become a hang out for internet preadators, looking for younger girls. Lots of negative TV here in the US.