Monday, September 19, 2011

Radio’s Passion Gap « Edison Research

Radio’s Passion Gap « Edison Research:

Great article that highlights the problem with a lot of music radio (that I have stopped listening to).

In short, it’s investment in innovation – either in technology or content – that is driving passion. Radio makes some of those investments, but not nearly enough. Instead, radio’s precious capital continues to be spent copying Pandora and Groupon. No one loves copycats. Yes, radio must make up the technology gap with its digital competition. And it can’t allow the “Daily Deal” to damage their local sales advantages. But the real gap – the most sinister gap of all – is the passion gap. Jukeboxes, simulcasts, automation, failure to invest in talent, 16-minutes of spots per hour and half-price races to the bottom will never make people love radio.
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