Sunday, July 04, 2004

Silly & Serious Films

First time I have been able to write off seeing a cartoon as a business expense. Shrek 2 is worth seeing on the big screen just to see how far animation has come in just a short time. Puts the animation awards right back into the Dreamworks camp. I went to and to Dreamworks in California to see how they do the rendering.....each frame takes between 2 & 4 hours!

Other fun stuff to watch look to be The Anchorman for a bit of "Afternoon delight" - I remember watching TV stations like that (some might argue that in some areas of rural US they never went away). The Corporation is out in Canada, but not in Europe for a while.

I believe many of those local news stations are in trouble, if the predictions in the Hollywood reporter are anything to go by...

CANNES -- The head of the biggest U.S. advertising agency expects to see a staggering decline in spending on network television commercials, even worse than most of the negative expectations for the medium. Bob Jeffrey, the chief executive of J. Walter Thompson -- the largest U.S. ad firm by revenues -- said he expects the share of dollars spent by advertisers on network TV could decline by half over the next five years. "I think companies that now spend 70-80% in network TV, in five years I think you could see it go down to 30-40%," Jeffrey said in an interview last week during the International Advertising Festival in Cannes.

Soundtrack Clip for Shrek is at
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