Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shingy's future vision is scary to say the least.

More from last week's The Next Web conference. David Shing is AOL's Digital Prophet, originally from Australia, now living in New York. May be I should spell that "Digital Profit", since the content Shingy is talking about the evolution of engaging advertising copy rather than imparting information.

I don't believe that David is sharing a story. More like a digital blast at the audience. Where is David taking us - and do we really want to go? I believe there are different, less scary paths. Especially if you want to share an idea rather than sell something to someone who doesn't really have a use for your brilliant product.

Update (30/4); Several readers pointed out to me an article in ValleyWag, refering to the stupid titles that seem to be plaguing the tech industry. I must admit that the title "xxxxx in residence" is wearing thin rather quickly. It's really a new name for what we used to call a manager or head of something. The best understand their job is to listen, coach and inspire more than barking orders.

I note in the article that in the comments, some added "anyone who calls themselves a futurist". There I disagree. Depends on who you are talking about.

Enjoyed the talk by telecoms futurist David Wood in London a few weeks back. He was speaking on the "Predictions, good, bad, and ugly: roadblocks en route to 2025" at the London Futurists Anticipating 2025 event. Some useful comments when you get past the introduction. I see he also found the same article and the comments on futurist.

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