Sunday, April 20, 2014

MN.27.01.1983. Victor Hafkamp & ICOM ICR-70

This was a new edition of Media Network dating from 1983, two years into the series. We covered the planned construction of KNLS in Alaska, unusual because it was beaming to Russia over the North Pole. Reception in very Northern parts of the world were thought to be affected more by solar disturbances, so deciding to build a station in Alaska was curious. There were also plans to build a mediumwave station KBQN on American Samoa. This was a Pacific version of the Caribbean Beacon. There were plans to build a 500 kW shortwave transmitter as well. The Surinamese government complains about Radio Netherlands broadcasts to their country. Victor Hafkamp explains the background. Radio New Zealand International may cancel its shortwave service. Radio Dublin is back on shortwave on 6910 kHz. We review the ICOM ICR-70 in great detail. Remember this was in a period when no website existed to share this kind of consumer information. Richard Ginbey does a profile of broadcasting in Swaziland. Victor Goonetilleke has been hearing KYOI beaming to Japan.

This episode is hosted on the Media Network vintage vault
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