Sunday, November 24, 2013

Media Network.09.05.1985. Japan Special from Tokyo Expo 85

Welcome to the 1980's and an era when giant world expositions were in fashion. By finding the cheapest flight I could, I managed to persuade the RN programme director, Bert Steinkamp, to let me go and report on what was one of the last great expos. Radio Netherlands was, at that time, thinking of building a relay station in Asia. NHK Radio Japan was part of what I called the gang-of-five international broadcasters, although NHK was much larger than Radio Netherlands. The cheapest flight was via Sri Lanka, on Ari Lanka, which explains why I took the slow route to Japan in 1985 - but also had the opportunity to meet listeners in Colombo. Very glad I did - learned much more that just zipping over the North Pole.

There is an excellent FEN report on Youtube which gives you some idea of the scale of the event. The Tokyo expo was actually in Tsububa, so I recall my first ride on the bullet train. One hundred eleven countries set up exhibits using the theme, "Dwellings and Surroundings - Science and Technology for Man at Home". More than 20.3 million people attended the three-month event. I was one of them. Wish I had had a camera. But I did have a microphone and help from NHK. Remember being amazed at how cramped everything was at Radio Japan.

Check out this episode!
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