Sunday, January 20, 2013

Decision Process Starts for StartupBootcamp Amsterdam

Dream facilities in the heart of Silicon Polder - view from the Startupbootcamp offices.

Today applications close for Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, one of Europe's premier accelerator programs. I've been privileged to be on the inside track, being actively involved in the selection procedure. I'm mentoring several teams at the moment, helping them to discover and shape the story they want to tell to their target audience. I'm excited because I have seen some world-class talent.
Developing ideas into powerful stories - the only way to create a business.

The Buzz in the Accelerator Office

Mentor Meetings in the Studio

I'm also confident that Amsterdam is one of the best places in Europe to accelerate at the moment. It has just the right mix of relevant mentors, and investors together with an inspiring location. And the fact that the weather is rubbish is even more of a motivator to sit indoors and get on with innovation.

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