Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mergers making relay stations out of regional radio in UK

Is local radio suffering from mergers and networking (i.e. more simulcasting).

Trevor Dann, former chief executive of the Radio Academy, believes there has been a failure to regulate the local radio landscape "on a scale to match the banking crisis". I think he's spot on. There is a dearth of local content on many of the stations I monitor. There's not much local left in local radio. Clever technology can add local station IDs and commercials, but there is not content.
Speaking to the Today programme today, he said that local stations were gradually becoming "not radio stations but relay stations of playlists and DJs making programmes in London".
His comments come as the Office of Fair Trading looks at the takeover by the biggest commercial radio group in the country, Global Radio, of the Guardian Media Group's radio interests, for £70 million.
Independent radio consultant Grant Goddard told Jim Naughtie in BBC Radio 4 the commercial sector has become "increasingly emerged into larger and larger companies", and "listeners to radio in local areas particularly simply don't have as much choice as they used to."
Interview is here. Trevor is also the person behind much better use of radio archives.

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