Sunday, June 03, 2012

Jamie Anstey buys CBC Vancouver's record collection

Jamie Anstey buys CBC Vancouver's record collection: "Jamie Anstey has just purchased the mother of all Vancouver record collections - CBC Vancouver's record library. And that's records, not compact discs. About 50,000, in fact: 37,913 LPs, 11,780 45s, 492 78s and 462 records that are listed as "miscellaneous."

The collection had been built up since 1958, but was put up for sale when the CBC decided to centralize its music archives at a "virtual music library" in Toronto.The purchase price was not disclosed, but was probably in the $10,000 range.The library also included 31,000 CDs, which the CBC is donating to two unnamed public institutions. The CBC tried to give away the records, but found no takers, so sold them. "Nobody had enough room to store the vinyl and keep it as a complete collection," said the CBC's Ken Golemba.
The irony is, the really rare stuff is in the record collection, not the CDs."

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