Sunday, May 06, 2012

StoryCode: Secrets of Immersive Storytelling

In my search for guilds of creative craftsmen I stumbled upon StoryCode. I must confess I prefer the term immersive storytelling instead of trans-media. I particular admire the recent work of the NY based organisation Campfire. Look at what they designed around the TV series Game of Thrones for HBO. The secret is that they have integrated their storytelling into the whole series. It's not some kind of add-on that's been bolted on.

"HBO needed to raise awareness about the premiere of Game of Thrones in a way that appealed to both new audiences and hardcore fans of the book series. Campfire's team, led by Creative Director Steve Coulson rolled out a five-week campaign that engaged each of the five senses. At the same, an online fan engagement campaign was launched in which online communities worked together to unlock exclusive video rewards. Each video was connected to the five senses and chosen to increase overall buzz and anticipation for the show.

The first sense in the campaign was scent - carefully curated packages including an antiqued box filled with custom-made scents from the regions of Westeros and illustrated manuscripts were sent to journalists, bloggers and influencers. The resulting coverage and “unboxing videos” kicked off an intriguing campaign for a wide audience."

Very clever.

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