Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Lonely At The Top - Or Is It?

I see the Daily Mail has discovered the fictional blog of a BBC TV Controller. It used to be a blog in the style of Adrian Mole. Now it's a very amusing twitter stream. Of course it's all fiction, all a bit of fun.

Or not.

It couldn't at all be remotely like the real life of BBC 1 Controller Danny Cohen. Could it? Of course, I don't expect much truth in the jibes in the Daily Mail. Everything the BBC does is wrong. But Cohen may well have paid John de Mol too much for the Voice, just to spoil ITV's party. That is certainly a questionable use of public funds. Especially now.

Reminds me of the comedy series Absolutely Fabulous, created by Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French which was originally inspired by the goings on of Top UK publicist Lynne Franks.
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