Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Drought Getting Really Serious

Two things clear on my trips round the London transport system this week.

1. That the Brits really know how to get a message across on transport systems. I get mentally refreshed by the ads in the Tube. They're funny and memorable. Bit surprised at the money Freeview has spent on advising people they need to retune their sets. Buses..OK. But plastering the ticket barriers on the Underground must be a waste of money. You come in from the light outside and you don't see anything at all - even though the message is bright pink.

2. Got stranded by a Tube failure just North of Wimbledon on Monday afternoon. System on the District Line suspended for several hours because of a signal failure. The LT transport staff had no clue what to advise passengers, except to say that there were buses to Putney Bridge outside - i.e. on your own mate! Will they have plans to make sure this doesn't happen during the London Olympics? How will they keep London moving? If the posters are anything to go by, they're in for a long hot (and at least dry) summer. 
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