Sunday, January 01, 2012

Humbling Pictures from Hubble

Just got another fix of the fantastic pictures covering the rest of the Universe taken with the Hubble telescope. I head off for the site every time I need to put an earthly crisis into perspective.

So who says this is our last spin around the sun this year? Many people point to the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar on Dec. 21, 2012 as evidence of the coming apocalypse, but astronomers have been quick to stress that there is nothing to be concerned about.

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, next year’s winter solstice marks the end of a 144,000-day cycle. This cycle, which begins at the mythical Maya creation date, has already been repeated 12 times. The 13th will end later this year, capping a full 5,200-year Mayan cycle of creation.

I do think the scientists need to do more to debunk the pseudo-science I keep seeing on my TV screens and in Facebook.

Jet in Carina: WFC3 UVIS Full Field
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