Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So where's the media center of New York?

Posted by Picasa In my traditional broadcasting days I always wanted to visit the Museum of Broadcasting at the Paley Center just off 5th Avenue. Just got a chance to visit it - and was thoroughly disappointed. The poster on the wall said that good content lasts for every. But the displays in the entrance were very 1999 for me. It has all the air of the past century, but not the past decade or the present. They claim to be leading todays media conversation. But it just seemed to be a venue to hold media related events like TED. The center for the modern media is further up road on the edge of Central Park....the Apple Store. Talk about a buzz. First time I have bought accessories for a device I don't yet own...the iPad2. Sold out except for the silly 3G version. Great to meet store staff who know what they're talking about. Except they won't discuss future products like Final Cut X. Open 24 hrs, though I'm not sure I'd like to be around there at 3 am in the morning. NYC is a lot safer than it used to be, but still.
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