Monday, January 17, 2011

Impressed with progress at the iHub, Kenya

In March 2010 I was passing through Nairobi and got a chance to see the new iHub being built on the top floor of a building on the Western side of the city. Now, almost a year later, the building is buzzing with activity and they seem to putting into practice what they said they were going to do. This video is a short briefing on what's happening in 2011 from co-founder Juliana Rotich. The innovation hub has become a model that others in East Africa (and I would argue Europe) needs to follow. I like the fact that they select at the door to avoid time wasters, but also spot rising talent and nurture it. That means they keep watching and listening, assuming that the next Ushahidi success might be the next person who knocks at the door. Check out the site for yourself.

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