Friday, November 26, 2010

CBC in MN Vintage Vault

I been digging out old tapes in the loft again to add to the stream of nostalgia on the web. I have always been struck by the connection between radio and transport, especially trains. Many of my friends in broadcasting have an interest in trains - especially steam. So while at a conference in Canada in 1998 I took the tour of the CBC English service in Ottawa, and learned how trains have been important to the start of national radio in that part of North America. It turned out to be important to me too. I went out to the airport to catch the KLM flight back to the Netherlands. I then discovered that there was no plane. It was a bus to Montreal. Where did the bus leave from? The Canadian National railway station opposite my hotel.

This show also contains news on the book series about the great manufacturer of portable radios - Zenith. Why am I doing all this? Because I have a feeling no-one else is keeping these stories of radio's slow evolution to digital.
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